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For over fifteen years, Ameritrade Export Corporation has been successfully facilitating the sourcing, sale, purchase and brokerage of new, used and pre-owned textile machinery as well as subcomponents and supplies.... within the Americas as well as globally. As the ever changing world economy continues to influence strategic decisions by local and global textile manufacturers, Ameritrade Export Corporation will continue to support and play an intricate role in the redistribution of physical assets such as textile machinery, textile plant equipment, related materials and supplies. Ameritrade Export Corporation offers a wide range of services..... from the total repositioning of entire textile plants as well as:

  • Complete Used Textile Machinery or Plant Disassembly
  • Transportation and Logistical Support
  • Refurbishment of Textile Machinery
  • Textile Machinery Assembly at Site
  • Consulation
  • Sourcing
  • Brokerage and Representation 

We have added a few pages to indicate some of the inventory we have on hand. But note, the inventory will grow substantially in the near future. So please contact us or come back soon!

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